Hi Everyone…

Our sample box is ready and available to you!!


Recently we made you all aware that we have been working on a sample box, a ‘try before you buy’, the box contains 20 of our core products including branded products such as tesa and Velcro – it offers a beneficial solution for when a new application arises or if you simply want to try/test a new product, making it a handy tool for production staff, sales and product designers

So why don’t you try before you buy?

Please contact a member of our Sales Team on 01245 322177 or contact our Sales Manager, Graham Everett via email graham.everett@kingdomgroup.com


Kingdom supplies a wide range of Double Sided Tapes, Magnetic Products, such as printable magnetic sheet, magnetic tapes, high strength neodymium discs and bars (for closures) and Ferrous Products (attracts to magnetic wall), Velcro, Hook & Loop Fastening Products, Adhesives and Packaging

We supply to many market sectors including Print & Display, POS, Manufacturing, Exhibition, Distribution, Aero Industry, Automotive and Building & Construction


…. So how can Kingdom help you?