We are soon to be launching a Kingdom Presentation Sample box, this will contain 20 of our core products that will cover all fastening/magnetic applications often found in the print & display industry, there will be a key with a small description of each product inside, along with typical applications and sizes we stock for your understanding of each of our products.

This was our obvious choice in the next stage of Kingdom’s development plan to demonstrate a selection of our core products that offer solutions for permanent and removable applications. Having been established for 28 years Kingdom have a true understanding of the needs and demands of the different industries. Graham, our Sales Manager, and his team have worked very hard to introduce the box which gives Kingdom’s customers an opportunity to ‘try before you buy’

Please see an example of the Kingdom Presentation Sample Box below

Once the box is officially launched this will be readily available for our customers, please contact the sales office 01245 322177 or email graham.everett@kingdomgroup.com

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Kingdom’s products are used in a variety of applications which provide permanent and removable solutions to all your point of sale requirements

Please see below some examples:

Retail Packaging and Permanent Displays 

Whatever the application we stock a large variety of double-sided tapes ranging in performance to match your needs, our sales department will point you in the right direction for each individual job

Most will show excellent adhesion levels with glass, ceramics, metal, plastics, hemming of banners, general promotion material and POS – removable and permanent fixtures where required as well.

We also hold a range of magnetic material including tape, magnetic sheeting and neodymium magnets and hook & loop for permanent displays, pop up systems, mounting instore graphics, luxury packaging items and many large retail displays

Magnetic and ferrous sheet can be directly printed for use of large panels for in-store displays, these are also easily interchangeable

Blog Display Picture Blog Display Picture 2 Blog Display Picture 3 DCF 1.0

3D Cardboard/Plastic Engineering

We supply many tapes in different grades for FSDU’s and dump bins.

Below are the types of display that have been manufactured that might use this tape on the tabs and headers that need to be secured.

 Blog Cardboard Display Picture          Blog Cardboard Display Picture 2Blog display

Double sided foam tape is also used in many variations to hold together cardboard displays that need a thicker tape to take up gaps that sometimes occur when using uneven or rough surfaces.

We also supply pads in many sizes and thicknesses to create 3D effects as well as removable foam pads and tapes that can be used where it may need to be removed without leaving residue

Please note all images used for application purposes only

Coming soon…..

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Hi Everybody!

We are going to be keeping you up to date with products that we have chosen to be product of the month… So keep your eyes peeled !

This month its our new range of Packaging Tapes, they are already used throughout mainland Europe but we are lucky enough to be the only Company in the UK able to supply these new exciting products

Both are available in Buff or Clear in colour from stock

Poly+ low noise acrylic adhesive with high adhesion, alternative to Vinyl (PVC)

  • 50mm x 66m
  • 35mu thickness – matt finish
  • Excellent tack
  • High adhesion
  • Solvent free adhesive
  • Long lasting quality
  • UV Resistant
  • Low noise unwinding
  • Easy tear
  • Also available in White – can also be reversed printed in upto 10 colours
  • Ecological alternative to Vinyl (PVC) tapes


Airtape latest generation adhesive tape characterized by a thickness of only 19mu (market standard 25-28mu) but with same or better performance

  • 50mm x 90m
  • Ecological – 100% recyclable
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Waste reduction of 30%
  • Lower storage space & transport cost
  • Optimal adhesion and grip on carton boxes
  • UV resistant
  • Low noise unwinding
  • Efficient – longer length rolls at equivalent weight and diameter
  • Fewer roll changes
  • Secure – difficult to remove from cartons
  • Guaranteed length

Born in the eighties…

In the late eighties when neon clothing and perms were all the rage! Kingdom and Tesa Tapes formed a partnership that has continued to grow and strengthen throughout the years.

Tesa are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self adhesive products and we are PROUD to be working with them as one of their key UK Partners, converting and distributing their large range of single-sided and double-sided adhesive products for industry, retailers and consumers


If you have any requirements please contact our Sales Department on 01245 322177

Last week we converted over 120 log rolls of adhesive!!

We can convert large log rolls down to any width required (minimum 5mm wide) so if you have a bespoke requirement please contact our sales department and we’ll put our crazy cutters on the case!

Are you looking for an Interchangeable Graphic solution.. Then look no further!

By using our Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet you can create a magnetically receptive wall. Pair this with our lightweight Printable Ferrous Film (attracts to magnet) and this is the perfect partner for your quick interchangeable graphic requirements. The Ferrous is a PET Film with a semi matte white finish which can be used with UV or Solvent Ink Printers


  • Lightweight
  • Can be multi-layered
  • Large Graphics can be applied by one person
  • Great solution when running multiple promotions
  • Looks great!!!

Watch this space …

We are continuing to enter into new phases of development, we have expanded into additional premises, increased our conversion capacity with new on site technology and systems


This ensures Kingdom continues to offer our customers an exceptional, economic on time service.


We’ll keep you updated on our next phase of developments 🙂


Here’s a small selection of some of our recent testimonials –

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‘Kingdom are excellent, one of my best suppliers, my contact is very professional and knowledgable’

‘Kingdom are fast and responsive at respecting our needs, the quality and service from Kingdom is very good’

‘Very pleased with Kingdom’s service no issues whatsoever, email order response promptly – will be giving more business to Kingdom due to the service they provide’

‘Kingdom are excellent, one of my best suppliers, score 10/10’